Hotel Director Tomasz Jadczyk

Hotel Director Tomasz Jadczyk

Hotel Director Tomasz Jadczyk

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Interview of Hotel Director Tomasz Jadczyk

Q: Tell us about your background and how it led to the position as a Hotel Director.

I started my career working in the restaurants for different cruise lines in 1991, learning and working my way up in different positions as restaurant manager, chief steward, and hotel manager. Between 2007 and 2012, I worked as a general manager and food and beverage manager in various hotels. At the same time, I was studying management and finance, completing those studies in 2012.

Q: What kind of vision did you have for Azamara when you started?

I used to work with CEO Larry Pimentel in the past and I knew that if he was leading the company, there was no question that Azamara must be a good hospitality product—and I was right!

Kenya Safari

Q: Where is your favorite place you’ve traveled?

I have traveled for the past 27 years around the world. I do not really have a favorite place, love them all, but I have booked a vacation (including a safari) with my wife in Kenya for January 2019. I am pretty sure this will be the trip of my lifetime.

Discoveries Restaurant

Q: What’s the best advice someone has ever given you that you incorporate into your daily life?

My first supervisor on the ship told me once: Tomasz you have to observe and learn from the environment, think before you say something, and learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others. But the most important I have heard from him was: "No matter where you work in hospitality—2, 3, 4 or 5 stars—the service you provide must always be 5 stars because your service represents YOU”.


Q: What’s the best thing you’ve ever heard after a voyage?

We hear a lot of good comments from our guests which is always great motivation, but I like when guests make direct eye contact and they say "Everything was just perfect, we had a wonderful time, thank you Tomasz and see you soon!"


Q: In your new role as a Hotel Director, what do you feel is the most important aspect of your job?

Quality of service is the most important. From the minute guests step on the ship until the last moment I see them on the gangway wishing them “Bon Voyage”, they must feel that they are staying in a boutique hotel at sea.


Q: How was your first AzAmazing evening experience?

I was lucky to be a part of the very first AzAmazing Evening in Gibraltar when Azamara started the program. It was a lot of preparation and stress, but a great experience.


Q: Tell me about your family.

I have been married since 1994, but we have known each other since we were 17 and 16 years old. We have 3 boys (23, 15, and 13). We have a nice, cozy place in the country and are very, very happy.


Q: If you were to take a vacation alone or with your family, which Azamara itinerary would be on the top of your list?

My first choice would be a 10-day cruise from Rome to Venice. Another experience that’s at the top of my list is a Country-Intensive Voyage around Japan.

Q: What are some of the things you’re currently doing to build your team?

At the moment I am home, but when I am on the ship I like to talk to people as much I can. I want to make sure they feel good at work, that they are happy and that they communicate amongst themselves. 

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