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The world's best cities for photography

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We are very disappointed to share that effective immediately the U.S. government has implemented new regulations that prohibits travel from the U.S. to Cuba by cruise ship. While this decision is completely outside of our control, we are immediately replacing all Cuban ports.

We are sorry for this unexpected and sudden change imposed on all of us and appreciate our guests’ patience and flexibility as we adjust to accommodate the new regulation. Our goal remains the same - to ensure that your Azamara vacation will deliver the highest standards of service and quality for which we are known.

Our planet is a beautiful place, filled with colour, life and excitement. Whilst cruising with us you’ll visit places that simply take your breath away, and you’ll want to remember those moments forever. Wherever you are, photography is an amazing way to capture the beauty of a moment eternally. In this article we take a look at the most photographic cities in the world you can visit whilst taking advantage of our luxury cruise deals.


Kyoto, Japan

When people think of Japan, they often cast their minds to the neon-laden Tokyo, imagining bustling streets, modern technology and towering skyscrapers. That is not all Japan has to offer, and Kyoto is a prime example of that. The traditional city is home to over 2000 temples and shrines and shows Japan’s more traditional treasures. With a backdrop of the stunning Mount Fuji and beautiful flora, you’ll be sure to fall in love with Kyoto.

Cape Town

Bo-Kaap Cape Town

Cape Town is a city of life, and its colourful streets reflect that. For the best shots, head to Bo-Kaap, a part of the city known for its brightly painted houses. Meaning ‘Upper Cape’, Bo-Kaap was originally known as the Malay Quarter and is know one of Cape Town’s most multicultural areas. If you are looking for photographs filled with colour and vitality, this is the place to be.


Venice, Italy

A city of rivers and canals, Venice is known globally for its unique and romantic allure. Whilst in the city, you’ll find it even more beautiful than you ever dreamed possible. Drifting through the winding canals gives you the perfect opportunity to take a few pictures, as every corner of this intricate city is completely new.

We spoke to Monica Cesarato, a Venice local, who told why she believes Venice is so charming: “What makes Venice beautiful is the fact that it is unique, and still standing after over 1200 years of history. The beauty of its canals, of its elegant palaces. The beauty of its artisans who need to be supported. No cars. It is a city where people can slow down, not rush. Visitors should remember that!”



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We then asked Monica what part of the city she finds the most breathtaking: “I think the most beautiful part of the city is not actually the city itself, but the lagoon. The moment when you really understand how beautiful the city is, is when you step away from it on a boat. And also, when you climb one of the beautiful church towers, like El Paron, Saint Marco Campanile, or the bell tower of San Giorgio!”


Havana, Cuba

Havana, Cuba, is known worldwide for its vintage style, cigars and rum. As soon as you arrive on the island, you’ll be engulfed in its culture. Incredible colourful cars rolling the streets, friendly locals with stories to tell and beautiful architecture. It’s no wonder this was one of Hemingway’s preferred haunts. The fun and lively energy means you’ll never grow tired of shooting this city, with a new adventure around every corner.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the city of the future. Poised perfectly on two sides of Kowloon Bay and home to some of the world’s most beautiful sunsets, this city offers everything. Explore dense cosmopolitan areas that feel like something out of a sci-fi movie, or journey slightly out of the concrete jungle and find hiking trails through beautiful flora. For one of the best shots of the city, take the free ferry across the bay and see the city from its very heart.


Ushuaia, Argentina

Perhaps the most lesser-known city on this list, Ushuaia, Argentina, is a place like nowhere else on earth. Located in the Tierra del Fuego, it’s nicknamed the ‘End of the World’. As the most southerly city on the planet, it’s a unique mixture of Argentinian culture and Scandinavian-like landscapes make this an incredibly interesting city. The area is also fantastic for wildlife photographers, and it’s quite common to see seals and seabirds lazing by the icy water. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, and the final point before Antarctica, a trip here will be something you’ll want to capture on camera.

We spoke to Stephanie, known online as Road Unraveld, who spoke to us about why she believes everyone should visit Ushuaia after she fell in love with it: “If you’re looking for a place where natural beauty will leave you breathless and picturesque views are around every corner, Ushuaia, Argentina is an unforgettable destination. Visiting Ushuaia takes you to what the locals affectionately call ‘el fin del mundo’ - the end of the world - because Ushuaia is the southernmost inhabited city on the planet. Commonly visited as a departure point for Antarctica cruises, Ushuaia is equally famous for its proximity to Patagonia and the incredible Tierra del Fuego National Park. The combination of quaint buildings nestled into a landscape characterized by towering mountains, the frigid ocean, and lush lands makes Ushuaia a truly beautiful city.” 



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Stephanie then spoke to us about her favourite viewpoint in the city: “When visiting Ushuaia, walk toward the famous “end of the world” sign and gaze across the Beagle Channel for some truly breathtaking views. Beyond the bustling port and the blue waves that lap the rocky coastline is Antarctica. From there, turn around to admire the cityscape’s brightly coloured buildings, some of which have stood the test of time (and weather!) for close to two centuries. Tierra del Fuego is also an unmissable stop; the outskirts of Ushuaia are home to natural beauty almost unparalleled anywhere else in the world. That’s what makes Ushuaia truly unique; no matter where you look, you will never forget what you see.”

New York

Brooklyn Bridge, New York

The Big Apple, New York, is known worldwide for its towering skyscrapers, fast-paced lifestyle and a-list culture. The city that never sleeps is a place you’ll never forget, and a fantastic area for creatives. Filled with inspiration, from a romantic stroll through Central Park to the Staten Island Ferry, every inch of life here is exciting. As soon as you arrive in New York you’ll be swept up with the lifestyle and not want to leave, but the amazing photographs you take will allow you to remember it until you visit again! 

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