Lee Abbamonte's Top Four Things to do in Melbourne, Australia

Lee Abbamonte's Top Four Things to do in Melbourne, Australia

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Melbourne is known globally as the little sister to Sydney, but those in the know understand how great a city Melbourne is. Melbourne doesn’t have iconic buildings or amazing beaches like Sydney does, but it has a lot of character. Melbourne is truly one of the great cities of the world. Here are four things everyone should do in Melbourne!

Street Art Tour

I know a street art tour sounds like a strange thing to do, and yes that basically means graffiti. However, in Melbourne it really has become an art form and big time artists have been commissioned to graffiti in certain areas of the city. It’s not like New York City in the 1970s!

These tours are about two hours and aside from seeing great art, you really get a feel for the city so you get a two for one basically. Bring your camera because there’s some really cool stuff to see!

Hidden Secrets Tour

I know, I know, another tour.  I generally dislike tours but if you don’t do a tour of Melbourne’s hidden secrets you’ll miss them because they really are hidden. 

Melbourne is full of small laneways and alleys that you wouldn’t normally go as a tourist. But go with a guide who knows the city, and you’ll discover some awesome things you wouldn’t have found otherwise. Much of Melbourne’s greatness lies beneath the surface and you have to do some digging to find it.

Rent a Bicycle

Melbourne is a big, beautiful city that is developing fast and furious. Most people stick to the Central Business District (CBD) or head to the beaches and those are both great to see. However, if you’re short on time and really want to see the neighborhoods of Melbourne that will remind you of San Francisco or Portland, then rent a bike and tour on your own or with a guide. I found it to be a big help and I highly recommend it!


Melbourne is the sporting capital of Australia.  Most people know that Melbourne is the host city of the first tennis grand slam of the year each January, the Australian Open. It is my favorite tennis event to attend and is truly an awesome tournament.

Next to the tennis center is the Melbourne Cricket Ground or the MCG or as locals call it, the G. It is the most famous stadium in Australia and one of the most famous in the world. It's home to Australian Rules Football or AFL, Cricket including the most recent Cricket World Cup final and it was the host stadium for the 1956 Summer Olympics that were the first ever Olympics contested in the Southern Hemisphere. Melbourne is a great sporting city and hopefully your visit will coincide with a fun event.

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Lee Abbamonte

Lee Abbamonte is the youngest American to visit every country in the world (a total of 318) and a monthly guest blogger. Lee is a fan of Azamara's Destination Immersion® experiences, and has cruised with us through the Norwegian Fjords, Asia, the Mediterranean, and more.

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